All men can vividly remember their favourite super hero growing up. We all had one and often dreamt of having super powers ourselves. Our current way of life has waged a war against our bodies leaving us fatigued, depressed, sick, overweight, foggy and aging at an uncontrollable rate.

Just in the nick of time, Benefishial Omega 3 is the super hero of supplements for the full-fledged man.

It’s main super power: Omega 3 decreases inflammation.

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Benefishial, a 90% pure Omega 3 fatty acid ethyl waters with a proprietary 6:1 EPA:DHA ratio, supports and stimulates your body’s regenerative properties. This isn’t your grandmothers fish oil.

Accept no substitutes, the majority of fish oils on the market today may contain mercury, pesticide residues, as well as hydrogenated oils. Benefishial is manufactured under strict standards and undergoes thorough Third Party Testing to ensure its Quality, Purity, and Potency.

Elevate yourself to Super Hero Status, or what we like to call a Modern Day Superior Man.