Natural Shaving Soap | Coffee & Vanilla Scent

Natural Shaving Soap | Coffee & Vanilla Scent


WARNING! Your morning routine will never again be the same.
Awaken your senses with our Coffee and Vanilla infused Shave soap.
This natural handcrafted shaving soap will transport you back to a time when grooming was an art form.
Tame the beard. Unleash the Wildness!

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1 tin of Coffee & Vanilla Scent Shave Soap can give you up to 1 year of shaves!

100% free of any hormone disruptors designed to hijack your manhood.

Absolutely No Estrogen Boosting, Masculine Leaching, or Artificial Chemicals Allowed.

Extracts of Maca & Tribulus which will support and enhance healthy testosterone levels arousing a new level of Virility.


*based on 2 shaves a week