Natural Shaving Soap | Wolverine

Natural Shaving Soap | Wolverine


CAUTION: Not for the average man.

Superior Men do not compromise and settle for conventional hormone disrupting, chemical laden grooming products. Support your primal source with our 100% natural handcrafted shave soap infused with essential oils derived from nature.

Tame the beard. Unleash the Wildness!

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1 tin of Wolverine Shave Soap can give you up to 1 year of shaves!

Potent blend of natural testosterone, rich Pine Pollen & Tribulus extract designed to tame the outer beast while preserving your inner animal.

100% free of any hormone disruptors designed to hijack your manhood.

Absolutely No Estrogen Boosting, Masculine Leaching, or Artificial Chemicals Allowed.

  • 100% Natural
  • 180 Shaves Per Tin
  • Weight 4.6ozs
  • 4in Diameter by 1.26 Inches


*based on 2 shaves a week