Stryke Liquid Shave Cream

Stryke Liquid Shave Cream


This natural conditioning formula is packed with rich botanical soothing agents for a soft, refreshing feel. Enriched with emollients, this concentrated, hydro-active cream takes care of your skin to achieve the perfect shave.

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Stryke Liquid Shave Cream is carefully engineered for the Superior Man to get a smooth shave while protecting your skin against irritation and discomfort.

The rich organic formula is designed to kick off your shaving routine with style, containing advanced lubricants for incredible glide, comfort, and smoothness. Take your shave to the next level.

100% free of any hormone disruptors designed to hijack your manhood.

Absolutely No Estrogen Boosting, Masculine Leaching, or Artificial Chemicals Allowed.
All 100% Certified Organic.